Is building anki on windows supposed to requires unix cp and rsync programs in order to build?

Hi, I recently cloned the source code so I could look it over and maybe make some contributions in the future.

However when I tried to build, it failed over and over even though I followed all the instructions in both the main documentation and the windows specific documentation, I tried running the run.bat and the tools/run-qt5.15.bat and both failed as well.

After looking over the errors I installed a linux core utils port for windows and rsync through msys2 and the build completed sucessfully.

My question is if this is intentional and people should install those programs in order to build on windows, if so maybe that should be added to the docs?

The requirements already state explicitly that you need msys2 and rsync: anki/docs/ at main · ankitects/anki · GitHub


Ah, ok my bad sorry.