Build on windows is failing

I’m trying to build anki from its source code available on this repository github. com/ankitects/anki (for some reason I can’t include links in my post, so I had to add a space before .com)

I have installed rustup and ninja. On running ./run I get the following error

   Compiling anki_io v0.0.0 (D:\General\Arin\programming\anki\anki\rslib\io)
   Compiling ninja_gen v0.0.0 (D:\General\Arin\programming\anki\anki\build\ninja_gen)
   Compiling configure v0.0.0 (D:\General\Arin\programming\anki\anki\build\configure)
    Finished dev [unoptimized + debuginfo] target(s) in 55.18s
     Running `tools\\..\out\rust\debug\configure.exe`
failed: qt:aqt:data:qt:icons:from_src

Build failed.

(the dots indicate there are many other compile messages before this)

Not sure how to proceed, I’ve tried googling this issue, but did not find anything relevant.

Follow the instructions in docs/, and then try using .\run.bat or .\tools\run-qt5.15.bat instead of ./run.

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If problems persist, please include the full output you see when you re-run run.bat.

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