Irish language translation ready for beta


In the Irish (ga-IE) language translation project, all strings have now been translated [core, desktop, desktop-ftl]

I hope the Irish translation can be included in a Beta release soon.

I expect there could be some improvements needed due to

  • strings being too long
  • bad translation due to unclear context
  • shortcuts not unique within a given scope [with β€˜&’ and with Ctrl+]

I look forward to testing this in a beta release.


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Thanks for your contributions, they will be in the next beta.

Please note that the ctrl shortcuts shown in descriptions need to match the originals - changing them will not alter the actual shortcut, meaning the tooltip is just giving the wrong information.

Thanks for this clarification. I have just edited the CTRL shortcuts so they match the originals.

I have left the β€˜&’ shorcuts so they match Irish (I haven’t tried to avoid overlapping β€˜&’ shortcuts within a context)

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