iPad app shows wrong medias

I created the notes on the desktop application. They include new medias. The medias play correctly on the desktop.

But when I try it on iPad, the card plays a wrong audio which is meant for another card and belongs to the same batch of new medias.

After creating the notes I didn’t modify the media in anyway, so this shouldn’t be a problem of out-of-syncing.

I can’t think of any reason why that would happen. Are you able to provide a set of steps starting from note adding that reproduces the problem?

It was quite a while ago, and I can’t remember every detail, but in general I first prepared a tab-separated text file for uploading. The sound tags [sound:xx.mp3] are all included in the text file. After importing it, I copied the mp3’s into the media folder. However, these steps can’t reproduce the problem.

I was thinking what might cause the problem. I recently downgraded Anki from 2.1.55 to 2.1.54, but I couldn’t recall if that import was done with 2.1.55 or 2.1.54. Could this be the problem?

All of the notes play all audios correctly in the Linux application, while the iPad app mismatches the new audios, either they’re on new notes or those notes updated in this import. Since it was quite a large import and the issue was not reproduced, I’m wondering if there’s a one-shot solution.

The default CSV importer changed after the 2.1.54 release. Can you reproduce the issue after switching back to the pre-release version? When you check one of the notes with the incorrect audio on AnkiMobile, presumably the filename in the field is the same as on the computer version? That implies that the actual file content is different, which should not be possible.

Using 2.1.55 doesn’t reproduce the problem.

On iPad, Desktop, and Web, the fields all show the same sound label. But on both iPad and AnkiWeb, it plays a another audio (the one played is the same on these two and don’t change). I checked the audio file under this name on my media folder, it’s correct. So somehow the names of newly-added medias on the cloud are misaligned?

If you log out of the computer version and sync again, it will force a rescan of all media. What happens after that?

It doesn’t solve the problem. I tried in addition rebuilding the database, checking the media and syncing multiple times, also not helping.