iOS Quick Action to open the last used deck

Hi Damien,

I appreciate how the iOS app has the Search + Add Cards quick action. It would be even more awesome if the option to open the ‘last used/opened deck’ is also there, as when we have multiple decks and the Anki app is closed - when we reopen the app, we need to scan through the deck list for that ‘last used/opened deck’ again.

Thank you.

I’ll keep an eye on demand for this. In the mean time, if you typically want to open the same deck each time, one option would be to rename it to start with a ! character, which will ensure it’s displayed at the top of the list, and easier to access.

Hi Damien,

Thank you for your fast reply.

Yes I am already doing something similar, but since I have multiple decks which I review (around 10 different subjects), it’s still a big group of ! titles.