iOS & iPad: Sync failure with filtered decks

With the latest update (both platforms), filtered decks (created on desktop) are not properly synced. They are listed alright, but the card count is set to 0 instead of the actual number of filtered cards (as shown on desktop). This can be fixed via a full sync from AnkiWeb. After studying/reviewing the filtered deck (or just 1 card, doesnt matter) the synchronization gives an error and says to check the media. This does nothing at all and the error remains.

This only applies to filtered decks. Normal decks can be studied and synced just fine.

Besides this, the update is awesome :slight_smile: Thanks for the work!

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Is it possible you have the same issue as in this thread?

If not, could you please screenshot the error you’re getting?

Same here. This error is persistent in iPhone app. In Mac we use “rebuild all” add on to rebuild all filtered decks but when it’s synced with iPhone app then iPhone doesn’t show rebuild status of filtered decks

And then it has to be done manually

Ah, I see. A fix for cards not moving into filtered decks will be in the next beta; if you’d like to try it please see

@Crylise The error may or may not be related, so it would still be good if you could post it here.

I did get another error, something like “Error - Please ‘Check Media’ and try to sync again. If this is not working, do a full sync”…
“Unfortunately” I can’t reproduce the error anymore, syncing is functioning fine with filtered decks. Strange, sorry for bothering you. If it happens again, I’ll make sure to take a screenshot and post it here!

Cards still do not move into filtered decks w/o a full sync from AnkiWeb.

As always, thanks for the immediate help

@dae There you go :slight_smile: This is the Error I keep getting after studying a filtered deck.

It looks like a few review history entries (<10) are not syncing correctly. Are you using any add-ons that alter scheduling, or doing something to a few cards that may be triggering the issue? It would be great if you could experiment with a few things - uploading on one client then downloading on the others, making a change, and seeing if the issue comes back again. Some things to try would be:

  • running without add-ons
  • updating to the latest Anki
  • avoiding 1 of the three clients you use

Well I did use an add-on which altered the applied ease for Hard/Again cards. But I stopped using it months ago.
Also I “deleted” the review history of some cards via an add-on, because I “restarted” some of my decks from poorly reviewing them before and I wanted to have a clean looking review history. This never gave me trouble whatsoever until maybe now (if this is actually the trigger).

On some cards I use the “ReMemorize” add-on to see the card in the near future w/o changing it schedule. But I never had issues with this either.

I try my luck. Thanks again

Is the add-on forcing a full sync when you remove history? If it isn’t, that would explain what you’re seeing.

It does. And last time I used it was 2 month ago…
I frequently do full syncs since I have to change the Note Type of some cards.

Ok, stuff you did months ago is probably not relevant :slight_smile: It’s likely to be some action taken after the latest full sync that triggers a bug.

I’ll try to figure out what that could be :slight_smile: .
But since I do a full sync almost daily and besides only do reviews at the moment, I cannot see a related action in any way. In preparation for my state exam, I have this work schedule for months now and I never had issues with filtered decks up until the latest iOS/iPad OS update.

Do you mean cards not moving into/out of filtered decks on sync? A bugfix for that is coming in the next update; I think the “please check database” message you’re getting is an unrelated issue.

No you already said that the cards not moving into/out of filtered decks bugfix will come in the next update early in this post, so I did not relate to that anymore :slight_smile:
If you think this is unrelated, I’ll figure something out in my routine. Thanks a lot for the detailed and “intense” help! Best support one can find :slight_smile:

No problem - if you manage to narrow it down, please let me know!

I am experiencing the same issue

The fix for filtered state not syncing is available in the latest app store version now.

mtylek: if you’re able to narrow down the cause, please let me know

When I try to sync after finishing a filtered deck I get this error. checking database does nothing in this case. I have to force full sync. I have the latest app versions.

I can’t seem to reproduce this - I build a filtered deck, answer the cards in it, and sync, and there are no error messages. I tried again with v2 scheduler, rescheduling off, etc, but not luck. There is likely some other step that is required to trigger the issue - please keep an eye out and let me know if you manage to narrow it down.

Just a thought - could it be related to undoing?

Edit: nope, that doesn’t seem to trigger the issue for me either.