Deck filtered not synchronized

I’ve got a filtered deck. On ankiweb and ankidroid, it is show to contain 1127 cards. (Everywhere::Theory::Unimportant::AA if you want to look on the server)
I rebuild it on ankidroid (current stable version), and the change are correctly reflected on ankiweb.
Then I sync anki 2.1.29, started with shift to ensure that no add-on are loaded. And the filtered decks remain empty. I have no clue what is going on, why the filtered decks appear empty on anki desktop while they are not on ankiweb. So any help in understanding what is going on would be appreciated

I just tested, it works nicely the other way around. If I rebuild on anki it correctly synchronize everywhere else.

This was fixed in 2.1.30.

Thanks. I didn’t even see .30 was out