Ios - family sharing

Family sharing its not working. I bought Anki on Iphone, but on son’s Ipad its not possible to install without additional paying.
How could be solved?

Does family sharing work with other apps in this setting? Does your son‘s account appear under settings → Apple-ID → family sharing on your device?

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Yes, another app its working. Yes, I see sons ipad in the family settings.

Have you tried everything on If you can't find your family's shared content - Apple Support ?

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If the steps there and on Reinstalling - AnkiMobile Manual don’t help, I’m afraid you’ll need to contact Apple for assistance, as the download and purchase process is all handled by them.

Have you tried App Store | (tap profile icon in upper right) | Purchased | (tap name under Family Purchases) | (tap AnkiMobile)?

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