IO error "unable to read" / sync error / Data error

Anki error

I keep getting this error when Anki is open (even if I’m not clicking on anything). When I try to sync with AnkiWeb, I get the same error message, so I’m not able to sync any of my images/media. I’m using Anki Version 2.1.35. I have searched the media.collection folder, all of my anki decks, and my entire computer for this image and I’m not able to find it. Anyone have any ideas for how to stop this error or to fix any syncing issues?

One more question: My AnkiWeb has saved my cards without any of the images. If I download all of that, plus download the original decks I was using that have all the images, would there be a way to merge the two so that I can keep both my progress and the images? I’ve spent months on these decks and I’d be really sad to lose that progress.

Thank you all so much!!

Seems like an error on your disk - the Windows disk utilities may be able to fix it.