Invalid card properties

Hi, after using Anki for a few month I have encountered no issue, but the other day I tried to add more cards to a deck and realised some weren’t showing up. It said to check database due to “invalid card properties”. Despite recovering these cards I am confused on what has caused the card to have invalid card properties.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

I believe all cards in a cloze deck must be of the cloze type. It looks like you have normal cards and cloze cards together in a deck, somehow.

I am not sure if that’s the problem, but it might be.

Thanks for reply, I have cloze cards in other decks without this problem.

I see. Well, someone else might have a better answer, then.

In any case, check your database (Tools > Check Database) to see if it solves the problem, if you haven’t yet.

I did this and it happened to fix the problem, I would just like to know what is causing this so I can hopefully avoid it in the future.
Thanks for your reply anyways😊

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Do you use any add-ons in the computer version? I recommend you try switching to the v3 scheduler. The Anki v3 scheduler - Frequently Asked Questions

How do u download this?
Also do u know what may be causing invalid card properties?

I’m suggesting it may be caused by add-ons, or by using the v2 scheduler. Please try switching to v3.

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