Intervals too long after not using Anki for 10 years


I stopped using Anki for over 10 years. I used it daily for a long time and then I stopped. Now I decided to start again. But I find most of the intervals to be too long. Here are the intervals for the current word:

  • Wrong: 10min
  • Hard: 2.5 years
  • Good: 13.7 years
  • Easy: 29.9 years

After 10 years most of the words I was already very familiar with are now forgotten. If I vote Good in a word… I will not see it again for almost 15 years. This renders Good and Easy virtually indistinguishable. And makes me very hesitant to pick Good or Easy even for words I am still familiar with.

The longe period in which I was inactive (>10 years!) doesn’t seem to be taken into consideration. I would expect it to somehow be subtracted from the proposed intervals. This is not an issue when the inactivity period is relatively short. But in my case it clearly distorts things.

For now I will probably only be picking Wrong or Hard except for the words that are so obvious that I will never forget them again. But it would be great if this issue could be looked into and maybe discussed.


You could set a maximum interval (Deck Options - Anki Manual), lowering the maximal time until Anki shows a card again.


It is. That’s why you these huge intervals.


Understood. Makes sense after all. Thanks!

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