Integrate Spelling Police into Anki

This add-on is simple (about 3 lines of code) and very useful, but the dev cannot mantain it
The code of the add-on is 1410276506 and the full-name “Zz(Legacy) Spelling Police™”

There is already a plan to integrate glutanimate’s Spell Checker add-on: Automatic spell check, custom dictionary OR Integration into mac ecosystem · Issue #1938 · ankitects/anki · GitHub

Note: Spelling Police is definitely not 3 lines of code :slight_smile:


Nice news!

And you are right :sweat_smile: I try to fix the code and it was way more than I thought. The “3 lines of code” was written by the dev on his add-on anki webpage

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*About three lines of code to activate spellchecking in Qt5 and Qt6. If you want extra eye candy like dictionary manager, configurations, etc… it’ll take more work.

Given that users already installed custom dictionaries in their profile, we can enable spellchecking for now and add extra feathers later. That was my reasoning A YEAR AGO when I wanted to integrate these unpopular features. I am not familiar with Anki’s “current” codebase, so my former suggestion may not fit. If glutanimate is already working on it, then just be patient.