Integrate Google Play In-App Review Api

When we click on the Rate option it opens the play store.

We can integrate the Google Play In-App Review Api like this, which is an enhancement for the app.

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We’re not going to take on this dependency at this time

AnkiDroid GPLv3 Anki-Android/COPYING at main · ankidroid/Anki-Android · GitHub
in app review requires play core library: Overview of the Google Play Core libraries  |  Android Developers license appears to start here (but reference other things) Overview of the Google Play Core libraries  |  Android Developers
If you can determine the full license terms and verify it’s GPLv3 compatible to include the play store library, then it’s possible. However at that point we would need to know:

  • what’s the problem you’re solving? If we integrate the ability to prompt users to review, I suppose we’d get more reviews, so we would solve the problem of too few reviews? This is not a problem we have. There is no value in solving a problem we don’t have
  • what’s the cost of the solution? This would create some packaging / distribution skew as it would work on the play store installed versions of AnkiDroid, but we support multiple virtual stores. Also every feature has a cost in form of maintaining code, and if it is also a dependency, in keeping the dependency up to date and forward-porting to new versions as they come. Is it worth it to incur the cost of the solution to solve a problem we do not have?

See discussion on Discord: Invite → Anki

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