Installing braille

Hi, I am wanting to create some new cards using where you type in sight braille for the answer.

I have the braille font installed as I’m using it to answer the braille cards already on Anki, but how to write using keys sdf jkl to create the dots in new cards with my own questions/answers please?

Laptop I use is MacBook Pro, with Safari, updated to Sonoma 14.2.1

I am so confused, I’ve done heaps of searches & I now have managed to get braille as a choice but when I click on it it brings up a form starting with ID as first question & every question on that form types English letters not braille code.

I’m not very computer savvy have multiple brain tumours so im guessing it’s me that’s missing something here. Any help would be appreciated, thanks

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ToolsManage Note types (crtl + shift + N) → pick the noteype that you use to study Braille → FieldsCardsfont-name:Braille (change from Arial to the name of the font.tff, mine was Braille 3D, so changed to Braille3D)

You will type as ABC…, but when you preview/study the card, it will change the words to dots

You can’t use on Basic (type in answer), this creates a fascinating bug that will display all Braille alphabet in dots

Hi, Thank you so much I have learnt something & yes it comes up in braille.

But it means I only see braille after I finish answering which isn’t going to help me learn braille. I know it’s possible theirs one deck where you type the answer in using the 6 keyboard letters sdf jkl

Also I’ve learnt the braille letters & compressions I’m hoping now to type in all the compression rules & formatting rules to learn them so I’d also need to be able to type it in grade 2, are all the fonts only grade 1

Thanks again, I’ll go looking for more fonts & hope you or someone knows how to set it up so I can actually type the answer in the braille dots :slight_smile:

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