Incremental Reading

I’d like to ask whether there is any update regarding development of official and integrated (i.e. not add-on based) incremental reading. This has been brought up in the past, and there are many people trying to find work-arounds, but I’m wondering if the developers have decided to pursue it. Thanks!

no. There is no plan to implement such a feature in the near future


The problem is, as you may already know, that Anki fields do not permit a large amount of data. Though, this can be circumvented by using HTML files in the folder (and then referencing them in the fields with <object type="text/html" data="FileName.html"></object>).

I use SuperMemo and Anki. My workflow is:

  1. Put the Topics in SuperMemo [1], and let SuperMemo handle the scheduling and organisation of Topics.
  2. Use some kind of scheduling tool to block out a set time per day for me to go through this SuperMemo Topics [2].
  3. Create questions as required.

Not a great workaround, but I found it to be the safest.

[1] SuperMemo 15 is completely free. Since you’re not using the advanced scheduling algorithms, it doesn’t matter that is old.

[2] SuperMemo Plan method is great for scheduling. If you don’t like proprietry software, here is the (very bad and limited. I hope someone improves it) FOSS one. If you’re a good programmer and want to make a better one, I have explained how it works here (please let me know if you make something cool, as I am eager to check it out).

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