Incorrect exporting

I am having trouble exporting any anki deck that I create. I just created one with 117 cards, but when I go to export it it says “91 notes exported”. I did not even know there was a notes feature until I was going through the browser and found the toggle switch between notes and cards. On other people’s decks the card # and the notes number are usually the same AND when you go to export it says ____ number of CARDS exported and not notes. How do i sync up my notes and cards numbers and get it to where it is exporting my cards and not notes? Thanks!

It sounds like (most of) your notes have 2 cards per note, eg front->back and back->front cards.

but how do I make it to where it exports the cards and not the notes?

You can’t. If you only want to export one card per note, you’ll need to modify your notetype before exporting, so it only has a single card per note.

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