Ankidroid Export problem

I use Ankidroid .Recently one of my friends created 58 cards and exported them but when I download them only 7 cards are added.What is the underlying problem? Kindly help

I’m not sure there’s a way for anyone to tell you from the outside, because there are a LOT of possible reasons. Some ideas –

  • Maybe your friend made an error creating the export and didn’t include all 58? – Is it an apkg or txt file?
  • Were you expecting 58 cards or 58 notes? – Are you sure you’re looking at the right view?
  • Is this a deck you’ve had before or the same topic (and note type) to notes you’ve had before? – The rest of them might have just updated existing cards/notes.

The difference between the 2

1 note

5 Cards

If it isn’t the case, would you share this deck?

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I’m new to anki …I’ve just started few weeks ago…so I’m really sorry if I appear dumb🥲but I don’t know the difference between cards and notes

It shows 58 cards in MY PHONE app :

When I export it to SOMEONE ELSE :

See only 5 cards show imported in his phone
I’m attaching one more pic to confirm:

Edit: I figured it out finally …only 7 cards were being exported because the rest of cards were in my CUSTOM study deck…once I deleted that custom study deck …all 58 cards get exported :sweat_smile:

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