Incorrect card numbering order when adding cards beyond single digits

Dear anki team,
1.Open anki and navigate to the deck where you want to add cards.
2.Add cards sequentially from 1 to 9.
3.Attempt to add the 10th card.
Expected behaviour:
=>The card numbering should continue in logical sequence like(1,2,3 so on) even after reaching double digits.
Actual Behaviour
=>Upon adding the 10th card the numbering order becomes inconsistent for example : 1,10,2,3,4,5…
=> Plus if want to add card beyond 9, have to number it 91 instead of 10.
Additional Information
=>Operating System : Ubuntu 22.04.3 LTS
=>Anki version : Anki 2.1.66
Screenshot of the issue

Please try with the latest version:

It’s not clear to me where in Anki you’re seeing this ordering, but it seems like ordinary alphabetical (ASCIIbetical) order that is used throughout Anki.

The same suggestion for keeping Decks in order should help you. Getting Started - Anki Manual


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