Newly created cards have the same #number

Hello everyone :blush:

When creating new cards it recently started to sometimes create cards with the same number within the same deck which confuses the subjects I’m learning.

For example:
I create 20 cards about the human heart and then after that 20 cards about the lungs. But somehow the last 10 cards about the heart have the same numbers as the first 10 cards of the lungs (both 10 cards go from #10 to #20 so I have 2 cards with #10, # 11, #12,…)
Since I want to complete learning the heart first before learning about the lungs, I have to manually seperate those cards by giving them new numbers which takes time (because I don’t have only 20 cards but 100 cards at least about one theme)

Why does Anki do that or what settings could I change so the #number really only goes up with every new card I create?

Another “problem” with the #XXX is that my newly created cards start at numbers like #1377091948. Can you lower that number as well going from like #10000 when creating new cards?

If anyone knows a solution about one or even both problems I’d be very happy if you let me know.
Thank you for any answers in advance!!!

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After using the reposition tool in the browse screen to give your cards lower numbers, Tools>Check Database will get Anki to notice which number it should start new cards from. If your problems persist after that, please follow the steps on When problems occur - Frequently Asked Questions