Include "Descending Lapses" Option in Deck Options under "Display Order"

When creating a filtered deck, there is an option to give preference to cards that I have the most lapses on. I use this a lot as a form of gamification because it starts with the most difficult ones (being the ones I have the most lapses on) and leaves the easiest ones for last when I am already tired.

It would be interesting to have this option in the deck settings as an alternative as well;

Doesn’t descending difficulty roughly approximate that already?

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Oh, my apologies! I didn’t realize that because the translation in the Portuguese version I’m using is a bit off. You’re right, that option does meet the need. I’ll be correcting the Portuguese-BR translation. Thanks for pointing that out!



@dae, I’m sorry, but I’ve noticed that actually, this option is only available in Anki 23.10. In Anki 2.1.66, it is not available. And the one above, it has been removed.

Regardless, I will proceed with the translation.



Which one you see depends on whether you have FSRS enabled or not.