Random or descending difficulty?

I wonder if making everyday review via “Descending difficulty” sorting has some downsides?

I have much better results in Anki statistics rather than when I use random sorting. I know that at the beginning I have the most difficult cards so I have to pay the most of attention to them.

Is it some cheating and in long term I will more forget for my memory will be good only in Anki statistics?

My 2-cents –
That’s going to depend more on who you are as a learner than on any universal rule.

If you consistently and continuously have better results by putting the hardest cards in front, and answering them when your brain is freshest … then that’s working for you. It’s not really “cheating” to know that a card is harder or easier than another card – because I think you’d be able to tell that yourself, even if they were in a different order. (For instance, when you have used random, you don’t do as well on some cards, which means that you’ve found the harder cards all on your own!) Even if you are working towards a test where you aren’t going to be able to choose the order of the questions, you will still know what topics are hardest for you, and you can skim through the test to answer those first, right?