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Improvement: Search by tag when there are 1000 tags

I wrote in another post that “There is also a usability issue in desktop that makes finding the tagged cards rather effortful”

Here is the explanation

Please see the shots below, in order. They tell the story.

Anki 2.1.45 (released recently) already scrolls automatically to the first match, but I understand this doesn’t quite solve the problem of quickly going through results that are too far apart.

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[quote=“abdo, post:2, topic:11855, full:true”]
Anki 2.1.45 (released recently) already scrolls automatically to the first match,[/quote]

For me, that is huge. I will update to it right now!

Agreed, though not an issue for me in my current usage.

What is odd to me is that the list is EMPTY when no hits. That would imply (to me) that the list would be pruned to show only the hits when I hit Enter on my entry in the search box.

The behavior, in 2.1.44 and .45 is inconsistent in this respect. But .45 is a huge step forward.

I should note that in my case, while .45 DOES scroll automatically to my hit (and there is only one hit), that hit is at the BOTTOM of the list. See below.

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I think the reason all items are shown when searching is to make easy workflows such as searching for a tag, then dragging and dropping it into another tag to rename it.

Yes, I agree this is not ideal.

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