Importing Issue. Some Lines Imported. Some Skipped

Hi everyone,

I have a csv which contains 5 columns named Front_Main, Front_Sub, Back, Ollama and Studied? like below:

When I try to import it into a deck which uses a card template consisting of five fields with the same names, for some reason the row for ‘aalen’ is imported but the one for ‘Aal’ is skipped. Can you please suggest what I might be doing wrong?

Below is how the importing interface looks like. I feel like the row for ‘Aal’ is detected without any problems according to this preview but for some reason it is not imported.

Thank you all in advance.

What does the report say after you click the import button?

Thank you for your response. Here is the import report that I receive.

The skipped line seems to indicate you already have a note in your collection with ‘aal’ in the first field.

I’m pretty sure that the deck is empty prior to the import. Do you think it might have something to do with the tags < br >?

Those <br> tags are just the breaks between lines of the text. It looks like you have those in the next note as well, but you can check if that one was imported differently by going to that note in the editor and clicking the <> just above that field. Adding/Editing - Anki Manual

Whether it’s in the same deck or not, if you have a note of the same notetype (Basic) in your collection that matches “aal,” it will still be detected as a duplicate – Text Files - Anki Manual. You have “Existing notes” set to “Preserve” – which is likely what causes that note to be skipped. It looks like you don’t have the help :grey_question: for those options (maybe that is a more recent addition) – but here’s how they are described –



Thank you so much for your explanation! I understand where the issue is coming from now.

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