Importing a deck from outside of Anki

I am new to Anki. I purchased a deck that was created by Language Atlas. I am now trying to figure out how to import my purchased deck into my AnkiMobile app on my iPad. When I went into the Language Atlas web page to download the deck to my iPad, it downloaded a URL link rather than a file. I then attempted to import the purchase from within AnkiMobile, but it sends me to the shared Anki deck page. My question is how does one import a purchased deck, not a shared deck?


If it’s a file that Anki can import – then you’ve just got to coax the actual file from that url, and Anki will be able to import it – Shared Decks - AnkiMobile Manual . If your iPad isn’t cooperating with downloading the file, you may need to use the url to download it on another device and transfer it to your iPad.

Do you know what kind of file it is – apkg, txt, csv, or something else? I’m 100% sure that AnkiMobile will import apkg and csv files, but there might be a few extra hoops if it is a txt file.

If you’ve downloaded an .apkg or .csv file onto your local device (e.g. it’s stored in the Files app), then tapping on the file should allow you to open that file inside AnkiMobile. You won’t be able to import it directly from AnkiMobile - the actions inside the app are for opening the shared deck list, or for downloading from certain types of URLs which probably don’t apply here).

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