Importation from kindle into anki- parsing html - remember everything you read

use case and possible add on idea

I am reading books and I was tired of forgetting things that i already read, so now I came up with the idea to export notes from the books into Anki, which is very useful, specially for foreign language books. So from amazon kindle device, one can directly export as a csv to anki and that is very straight forward. while for ilegal pirated books, this service is not available (and sometimes it does not work even for the purchased books ). From kindle app it is possible to export as an html file, but cannot import cause it puts all the highlight and notes in the same card, i want one card per note.

is there already a way to automatically parse the html to csv to import to anki ? or should i parse it with regex ? Could this become an add-on ? i saw this add-on for importation from evernote and i would like to make something like that for kindle books. Or should i instead turn it into a service?

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