Import of .kno files (Supermemo) into Anki

Hello everyone. I have a supermemo vocabulary in the format “French dictionary.Kno” how to transfer this vocabulary base to ANKA? Thank you for any help.

This article describes the format of a Supermemo .kno file.

You could try opening one and interpreting the data using LibreOffice Calc, if you do not feel capable of exploring it programmatically.

Supermemo describes some of the content of a .kno file here as well.

Information about cards in thecollection are not found in the KNO file but the folder of the same name of the collection:

There is no converter like this to my knowledge. You could export the collection into XML file and import that into Anki. Note that this is lossy. No images, no sounds, nor epetitions are imported into Anki. I made my own script to import the Advanced English collection with some conventions ( and

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