Import Media in Importer without updating Notes

It seems I have some media files missing in my decks. I am trying to update the database by importing the apkg files. But to import the media files I have to check on Update Notes. Otherwise it doesn’t import the files. I would appreciate an option that allows media import without having to update my notes.

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Are you looking only for import solutions? The other way I can think of to do this is –

  • Create a temporary profile and import your apkg into there
  • Go to your Anki2 folder (Managing Files - Anki Manual) for that new profile
  • Copy those media files (or the entire contents of the folder) from that to the collection-media for your main profile
  • Clean-up –
    • Run Check Media in your main profile to make sure nothing else is missing (and you can delete any unused files)
    • Delete the temporary profile

Anki only copies media when notes are first imported, so you would need to delete+reimport to pull the media in (or import in a new profile and copy it over, as @Danika_Dakika suggested).


I was able to do it later. As for the Importer, it still works without deleting the notes if you just set update notes to always. I was doing this on AnkiDroid and it would’ve been nice if you could just import the media files directly.

Edit: AnkiDroid uses the same Importer as Anki right?

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As of 2.17, yes.

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