Import Failure: this deck contains timestamps in the future

I can’t import my deck into the anki, and it always said, “This deck contains timestamps in the future. Please contact the deck author and ask them to fix the issue.” But this card is without any scheduling information, and my anki is the newest version, someone please help! :sob:

How did you create this deck?

Try this add-on to fix the issue: Fix invalid card IDs - AnkiWeb

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I upgraded to
Version ⁨2.1.57 (6b7d372c)⁩
Python 3.9.15 Qt 6.4.2 PyQt 6.4.0
and now this happens all the time.
I have several decks that I imported to earlier versions of anki which will not import into the current version.
The addon suggested above does not help.
I am running this on Manjaro Linux, and I have a ton of Japanese language and language learning addons installed.
I have rebooted and reinstalled a couple of anki versions from the AUR site. I have not been able to downgrade easilty, nor have I uninstalled all of the addons to see if they are somehow causeing a problem.
All of the rejected decks import into ankidroid fine.

My anki now refuses to import a deck that I exported two weeks ago with the old version.
This deck was originally downloaded from ankiweb shared decks. Since I have had the deck, I have modified it extensively. It was exported by me.
It wastes time to upload it to my phone, import it into ankidroid and then download it back to my computer.

Did you try to use the add-on with the new release that doesn’t let you import the deck? You have to install it in the old release before exporting the deck.

From Reddit:
“Go to your preferences, under the Basic Tab, make sure you have the “Legacy Import/Export Handling” on. This solved the problem for me.”

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Please see Importing/exporting fails due to timestamps in the future - Frequently Asked Questions