Import dialog is too big

When importing a deck on Windows (23.12.1 Qt6) on a new profile, the import dialog window if too big.

The window is to wide. The import options screen has the toggles very far from their labels. There is only two of them, so it’s easy to see which is which, but it looks way oversized.

I think the labels and the toggles could be much closer just by opening a smaller window.

Also, the window is too tall. After importing the close button is not visible in the bottom right corner. The user would need to resize the window from the top and move it up to see it.

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It will probably look very different on a system with large UI fonts.

I am actually very happy with the dialogs in Anki. Exactly because they are wide and tall enough to remain functional when you crank up DPI scaling. Apps with narrow dialogs become inoperable, buttons and checkboxes move out of sight and beyond reach. Not so with Anki.

That is exactly what is described here, though. The “Close” button is out of sight because of the window size.

Regarding screen scaling, I understand, but I don’t think it is as common. I think it probably makes more sense that the minority of people who crank up scaling do resize their dialogs (size is remembered, so that would happen just once in theory) than the other way around. Doesn’t it?

That’s very debatable. Windows itself defaults to 125%-150% scaling, depending on monitor resolution. And even higher on hi-res screens. I don’t think I am such an exceptional outlier.

Anyway, did not mean to oppose your wish. Just wanted to put out a counter-perspective that is equally valid, imo.

No worries, I know. The screenshot I uploaded is on 140% scaling in fact, and still way too big, I think.

The importing options don’t take up a lot of space, but the import log shown after importing completes can take up a lot of room if the entries are expanded. It should also remember the previous dimensions, so you can resize it if you don’t like the default.

I understand. However, regarding height, shouldn’t the “Close” button be visible?

Regarding width, I rarely look at the report, it is in fact collapsed now. So wouldn’t it make more sense for people to resize the dialog if they expand the report and can’t see parts of it?

For me at least windows in Anki remember the size and position they were at last time you used it. Could it be that you inadvertently resized the dialog to be outside your screen?

What happens if you resize the dialog window to a smaller size, close Anki, then reopen it? Is it still too big?

Thanks, yes, I know it remembers, but I am talking about default size on a new profile.

I will tweak the default heigh to make it a bit smaller.

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