Images not showing up on pc

I downloaded a deck from a friend and while I was learning the cards on my phone (android) everything seemed fine. The pictures had no issue.

But after syncing my deck on PC (Linux) and after the sync was completed, the pictures do not show up. It only shows the icon of an image but not the image itself.

How can i fix this problem.

on pc

on android

If the image doesn’t show up when you review that card on AnkiWeb, it implies that AnkiDroid has not synced all your media to AnkiWeb yet. You may have more luck after enabling the new backend in the advanced preferences, then syncing again.

But it says not to use the new backend on a deck that i care about since it is experimental.

What should I do then?

Make a backup first just in case. But I haven’t had any problem activating it and I think it will be the default in the next version.

You can also try to resync AnkiDroid a few times. Sometimes it doesn’t finish syncing the media on the first try.

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