Images not showing on my new iPhone

images are not visible on my new iPhone, although my previous one was okay … i checked my data on ankiweb and it is totally fine.
Devices are fully synced but i think the issue is with the new device or the latest update
BTW the previous phone and the new one share the same Anki version. Help please!

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You might have to wait for the media sync to finish, which happens in the background, after you triggered a sync.

I tried to sync a lot of times, but each time it fails due to a different reason. latest one is : sync failed socket not connected
what does it mean ? Anki is working totally fine on the computer but the issue is with the new iPhone only

That looks like your network may be experiencing temporary issues. If you have access to a different wifi network or 4G, you could try syncing over that instead (though please bear in mind you have multiple gigabytes of data, so if your cellular plan is limited you may not wish to use it for syncing).

You can also manually copy data from one device to another to speed up the initial sync: AnkiMobile

SOLVED: While syncing, Anki should be opened and not be synced while opening/using another app.