Image occlusion questions with some issues ? +recommended solution/features feedback

Image Occlusion Enhanced for Anki 2.1 (alpha)

#1 Fit screen does not work properly when i add I image to occlude from the start!
solution: I found that keeping the “image occlusion add-on” open and when i want to add an image from clipboard i press the “change image” button in the down left area(and voila!, a fit to screen image), and to remove all Previous conclusion squares i hold “ctrl+z” and
my question: isn’t there a permanent solution to this ?

#2 cant Add/paste an image in the fields
solution: i go to “batch edit add-on” and i paste the image and the “batch image add-on” will give me an image address and i take that address and copy it and paste it directly to the fields in the image occlusion the same time while I am still opening the “image occlusion add-on”
my question: why there isn’t a fetuer like this, a button beside the field if u want to paste an image,just click that button and it will create an address/link for the image.
at least better than not capable of pasting the image on its own directly in the field!.

also when i press “change image” my all previous occlusion squares will be visible and i have to remove all those fields manually and press “ctrl+z to” remove my previous occlusion on the previous photo, so i suggest there’s a button that deletes and remove all the occlusion that been added(instead of pressing “ctrl+z”) and also remove all the previous text that been added in the fields