Image Occlusion (23.10) - Identify cards on browser

With normal cloze cards, it’s perfectly possible to identify cards in the browser, and do what you want to do (flag, suspend, reposition, etc) with them.

With IO cards, an special case of clozed cards, something like that it’s simply not possible, AFAIK; you can’t identify any individual card from the browser, since all siblings show exactly the same image. As a result, you can’t do anything with those cards from the browser because you don’t really know which card you have selected:


It would be nice if, when clicking any IO card, the actual shape from that card would be highlighted:


Well, that’s not really true - you can click the Preview button.

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You’re (as usual) absolutely right, I had missed that, thanks for pointing this out. :slight_smile:

However, my main point is, IMHO, still valid.