Image Occlusion (23.10) - Delete shape / card

IO cards are a special case of cloze deletion cards, and thus, deleting a shape (by clicking on the delete icon) won’t actually delete its associated card. In order to actually deleting an IO card you need to delete its shape AND use the “Empty tool” command afterwards. I think most users will find this behaviour counterintuitive and a little bit annoying.

I don’t know if it’s technically possible, but it would be nice if deleting a shape would automatically delete (or “empty”) that card, which is, IMO, what most people would naturally expect.

You might argue that normal cloze cards should also be deleted when their text is removed. I think it’s the way it’s currently to guard against accidental edits that can result in cards being removed without the user noticing.

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Yes, I think we should keep things consistent with regular clozes. Consider also that right now it’s still possible to modify the Occlusions field directly on some clients. So the same accidental edits that might remove a text cloze also apply to IO.

If we want to introduce immediate deletion, then I would recommend only doing so if we 1.) do it for all note types, 2.) add a confirmation prompt to any UI where users can end up deleting cards accidentally.

If you take IOE as an example, any edits that would either create new cards or remove existing ones, will prompt the user for confirmation – which is because IOE uses notes rather than cards, and so deletion is immediate by necessity.

Thanks both. Yes, I understand that keeping consistency is important. However, there’s an important difference between regular clozes and IO notes: there’s a Delete icon on the IO editor.

Just saying that some users (specially newcomers) may find strange and counterintuitive that using that icon to delete a card won’t actually delete that card.