I Want to REMOVE AwesomeTTS

I struggled for days to get this installed only to find out it is more annoying than helpful…for me anyway. I’ve created a decent deck of English/Spanish cards. The free voice “David” is fine with English but butchers Spanish. I want to AwesomeTTS entirely (or at the very least disable it) but I don’t want to create a whole new ANKI deck. I’m VERY limited on my computer skills…very limited. Can someone help? Please? I’ve got ANKI synced to my phone but I primarily use it on my laptop.

  1. Go to tools >> Add-ons >> Select the add-on and choose “Toggle Enabled” or “Delete”.

  2. Restart Anki for the changes to take effect.


You probably want to use that addon to remove the TTS from a certain field assuming it has a specific name and that’s what you want to do

Anki has a native Find and Replace feature that can be used if @anita wants to remove the audio files.

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Thanks to all of you for responding so quickly to my problem. Although I followed the advice on how to remove ad-ons step by step, I never actually found AwesomeTTS as an ad-on. As a matter of fact, no ad-ons were listed in the ad-on list that Anki pulls up under tools/ad-ons. It’s possible I already deleted it during my all day schedule but, even I did, my cards still employ the TTS feature every time I try to use them! 4649ceynou, do you mean I would have to use AwesomeTTS and somehow make it remove itself? Or maybe abdo can walk me through finding Anki’s Find and Replace feature. Maybe once my cards were altered by AwesomeTTS they have to be physically changed to get rid of the voice. I am worn out messing with it all day but I’ll gladly try anything else that anyone thinks of! Again, thanks for all the help! I’ll start again tomorrow…

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Sorry I didn’t know you weren’t confortable with technology, I meant that you could use another addon to automatically do some action to cards.
I don’t know how your cards look like, maybe all your cards uses TTS and you can easily filter them, or the TTS audio is in one unique field, in that case, an easy way to remove TTS, but maybe not the best way, is to edit the note type, remove the field.

if you showed us a screenshot of your card content, we might be able to give you specific instruction for you to “easily” achieve what you want.


4649ceynou, my cards are very simple. When I use my deck an English word pops up (along with the audio), There is a big black arrow at the end that will replay the audio if hit. At the bottom, I hit “Show Answer”. Both the English and the Spanish show up. Then I rate the card as to its difficulty. Please note the little yellow box at the bottom left saying no ad-ons can be found. I apparently did accomplish something yesterday! The voice is gone on the answer side! I do still want to get rid of the voice on the English side though. I don’t know exactly what you need as a screenshot. Regardless, I no longer know how to take one on my new computer. The Prnt SC button is on the SHIFT key! Anyhow, the Spanish (answer) side of the card now pops up a yellow alert screen saying "no players found for TTS Tag…). I have to go offline until this afternoon but thank you so much for your help!


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I’ll assume all your cards, only have TTS audio and nothing else, and you want it completely removed:
Under tools/add-ons, select the note type of your deck*, and delete the field with the audio in it.

*If you’re not sure which note type your deck use, go to “Browse”, select and press CTRL+SHIFT+I to display the information of the card.

Thanks so much for your help. I wiggled around with the help of your instructions until I finally got an acceptable outcome. The audio is still there but ONLY when you press the arrow asking for it. I can work with that. Yes, you are correct I am “not very comfortable with technology”. What a gallant way of saying it! I “used” to do just about anything on a computer but things have changed so much and my brain has stopped growing. I’m afraid it’s shrinking rather rapidly in fact. Anyway, THANKS!

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