I suggest reverting scroll changes in AnkiMobile beta 20088.3

Yes, I do see the elastic overscroll when reviewing cards (that’s the review screen, right?). I see it in version 20088.5, then I updated to 20088.7, and then my phone told me about 20088.10 while I was writing this post, so I tested that one too. In all of these, vertical elastic overscroll is active on both question and answer side.

To be clear, this current behavior is indeed how I prefer as stated in my original post. On the other hand, the study options and stats screen do have overscroll suppressed. I’m not sure what is gained by being different there than the preferences screen, for example, but at least those screens are not as often used, especially the study options screen.

On to your other question:

Yes, I can still reproduce it the problem (automatic scroll to answer not going far enough), but I have observed an additional detail for you. First, note that the card needs to be long enough that scrolling is required to reach the bottom. I have an iPhone SE, which is the smallest of the current iPhones, so that might be relevant. I am also zooming at 1.1X, which is something I forgot about, but it also might be relevant. The new thing I noticed is this: if on the question side, I scroll all the way to the bottom of the question and the tap to advance to the answer, then it scrolls to the correct position on answer. If, however, I tap to advance to the answer while still viewing the top of the question, it scrolls, but not far enough. I confirmed this is still true in the latest 20088.10. I went back to compare with the current release version, and in that case, it appears to scroll to the bottom regardless of where the scroll position was when advancing from question to answer.

My thanks to you for this one. I confirm it has returned in 20088.10.

I’m at a loss as to why I’m not seeing it here. I tested with iOS 16 which you appear to be using, using an iPhone SE in a simulator, on a copy of your collection. Increasing the font size did not seem to make any difference - when I scroll up or down, scrolling stops abruptly as soon as the end or start is reached. Do there happen to be any other beta testers looking on who are seeing elastic scrolling on the review screen in the beta as well?

I’m not seeing this either :frowning: With your permission, I can post a video of what I see when reviewing a card in your deck.

That’s fine.

While recording a video I came across a card that didn’t fully reveal the answer; that issue should be fixed in the next beta. Here’s what I see when scrolling:

Can you think of anything you’re doing differently apart from the font size adjustment that might trigger the elastic scrolling?

Your video confirms we are indeed understanding one another. What you see is different from what I was seeing. But that has changed. Suddenly now the elastic bounce is gone for me not only in the beta but also release 20087.1. I had just allowed my phone to update to 16.3, and that is my only guess at explaining what changed. It is too bad.

Apple fixing the issue sounds like a win to me :slight_smile: