I suggest reverting scroll changes in AnkiMobile beta 20088.3

Since elastic scrolling seems to mainly be an issue when reviewing/using gestures, I’ve enabled it again in the other screens, but left it off for the review screen, which is hopefully an acceptable compromise. The change should hopefully fix the bottom margin of the review screen as well.

With all respect, this sounds really inconsistent even for me. If this is the only solution (no option to enable and disable it globally), even I as a proponent for no bouncing would recommend to use elastic bouncing everywhere.

With this compromise when you slide would the front page bounce anyway and the text had to fall back in place, I assume.

People like me, who use clozes a lot, will have to change von slides to taps for going from front to back and adopt the bouncing anyhow.

Not convenient, but better as inconsistency, if you ask me.

I really do appreciate the effort. I am really sorry to say that it doesn’t help much. Although my opening comments are given as generally true, in practice it is in reviewing where they are noticeable, as that is where the very great majority of our time is spent. I don’t think I have even seen the settings screen in months.

Edit: I am seeing the elastic scroll even in review in build 20088.5. I triple checked the version I am running, because that seems to be different than what you said about reverting except in review. Could it be that I have misunderstood what “review” means? I thought it meant the main studying part of the app. If so, this means 20088.5 is doing as I believe it should.

I still owe you some answers from your first response to me. I am testing out 20088.5 to make sure my remarks are up to date.

This bottom margin issue (my #4) appears to be resolved in betta 20088.5.

I would have guessed this issue (my #3) would have been related, but it is not fixed in 20088.5, so here is an example. Both of these screenshots show where the automatic scroll to answer landed for the same card, first on release (ideal) and then on beta 20088.5. The dark blue box is the answer for this card.

Release App:

Beta 20088.5:

If you wish to look into this particular example, it is card ID 1643635789794. Or do you prefer I upload an export of this one card?

Lastly, this regards to the change of scroll animation, you asked:

I actually have never used desktop Anki for a review session of my own. But as a guess, I expect I may never have noticed it there, for the simple reason that I don’t think any of my cards would require scroll on desktop with its ample space, compared to a not-insignificant minority of my cards that need scroll when I am on my iPhone—my main study device. On that note, this iPhone is an SE, the smallest of the current form factors on offer by Apple.

As the changelog notes a change both to the fade animation and to the scroll animation, I should clarify that it is only the scroll animation that I am talking about. I am ambivalent about the fade animation. I was under the impression that it was particularly the fade animation that was added to reduce the pop-in, and it was likewise that same animation that was causing some issues for another user’s JavaScript needs. I am fine with the change for fade.

I am only talking about the automatic scroll to #answer. The scroll previously would quickly but smoothly move to its new position, while now it simply pops into new position. Unlike the fade, which is nothing more than an aesthetic preference (now that the MathJax pop-in issue is resolved), the smooth scroll helps the brain process the changed position.

The report that prompted the scrolling change:

Perhaps the solution here is to animate question->answer, but not answer->next question?

Will try to reproduce the answer position issue with that card id, thanks.

Yes, I expect that should work well. Unlike question to answer, I do not necessarily see a benefit to animating from an answer to the next question. After years of browsing on the Internet, we are accustomed to clicking a link and it always starting at the top.


I was the guy posting that issue. So I’ve updated via testflight and now there is another problem. I’m still referring to the iPadOS Version. The problem now “altered” but is not resolved. There is now a “bump” when flipping to the answer side an somehow the font-size changes (which was previously not the case).

(Please ignore the content itself)

The Problem does not occur on iOS. All Systems have the latest OS versions.

Did you check if this issue occurs on the basic notetype too? Otherwise I’d assume it’s caused by your template.

I checked. The bump still occurs with Anki’s default cloze and front/back template. But the font size seems to be a template issue which is rather frustrating, because it wasn’t there before lol.

I’ve made a note to try to reproduce this. To confirm, you see the same bouncing when creating a new profile in AnkiMobile and adding a few sample cards manually, then studying them?

Are you using a keyboard? You can scroll with spacebar in websites for example. If the template is bigger than the screen hitting spacebar may trigger scrolling. I’ve had that happen all the time when using cards that have more information on them than the screen can fit.

Sorry for the delay. The animated scrolling to answer should be back in the next beta.

@CUB_Luke your card templates appear to contain a lot of Javascript. Can you reproduce the issue in one of the stock Anki templates?

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Is that still the case on the latest build? I can’t seem to reproduce this - scrolling in the review screen stops abruptly when you reach the top or bottom of the page.

I can’t seem to reproduce this either. How about you?

Yes, I do see the elastic overscroll when reviewing cards (that’s the review screen, right?). I see it in version 20088.5, then I updated to 20088.7, and then my phone told me about 20088.10 while I was writing this post, so I tested that one too. In all of these, vertical elastic overscroll is active on both question and answer side.

To be clear, this current behavior is indeed how I prefer as stated in my original post. On the other hand, the study options and stats screen do have overscroll suppressed. I’m not sure what is gained by being different there than the preferences screen, for example, but at least those screens are not as often used, especially the study options screen.

On to your other question:

Yes, I can still reproduce it the problem (automatic scroll to answer not going far enough), but I have observed an additional detail for you. First, note that the card needs to be long enough that scrolling is required to reach the bottom. I have an iPhone SE, which is the smallest of the current iPhones, so that might be relevant. I am also zooming at 1.1X, which is something I forgot about, but it also might be relevant. The new thing I noticed is this: if on the question side, I scroll all the way to the bottom of the question and the tap to advance to the answer, then it scrolls to the correct position on answer. If, however, I tap to advance to the answer while still viewing the top of the question, it scrolls, but not far enough. I confirmed this is still true in the latest 20088.10. I went back to compare with the current release version, and in that case, it appears to scroll to the bottom regardless of where the scroll position was when advancing from question to answer.

My thanks to you for this one. I confirm it has returned in 20088.10.

I’m at a loss as to why I’m not seeing it here. I tested with iOS 16 which you appear to be using, using an iPhone SE in a simulator, on a copy of your collection. Increasing the font size did not seem to make any difference - when I scroll up or down, scrolling stops abruptly as soon as the end or start is reached. Do there happen to be any other beta testers looking on who are seeing elastic scrolling on the review screen in the beta as well?

I’m not seeing this either :frowning: With your permission, I can post a video of what I see when reviewing a card in your deck.

That’s fine.

While recording a video I came across a card that didn’t fully reveal the answer; that issue should be fixed in the next beta. Here’s what I see when scrolling:

Can you think of anything you’re doing differently apart from the font size adjustment that might trigger the elastic scrolling?

Your video confirms we are indeed understanding one another. What you see is different from what I was seeing. But that has changed. Suddenly now the elastic bounce is gone for me not only in the beta but also release 20087.1. I had just allowed my phone to update to 16.3, and that is my only guess at explaining what changed. It is too bad.

Apple fixing the issue sounds like a win to me :slight_smile: