I suggest Pre-Anki mode… or cheat sheet mode?

When I make anki decks for history(it’s Korean history), I sometimes make very lengthy notes. So I can grip the timeline.
And I make notes in time order(because it’s history). But when I hit “Easy” button on say third card, fourth card appears next to second card in the next round… and as I keep studying it gets messier. I want to say that Anki is not good for remembering something in time order.

I understand that it is not easy to devise a way to fix that problem. So I suggest Pre-Anki mode.

In Pre-Anki mode…

  1. It shows your cards in created time order or you can edit the card order simply by using drag-and-drop.
  2. It doesn’t make you hit again-hard-good-easy button. (so I named it “Pre-Anki mode”)
  3. When you get used to the material, you can disable Pre-Anki mode and use the cards as “usual” anki mode. And for me when I get used to the material(the photo above), I can divide that lengthy card into more short and easy-to-memorable cards.

So Pre-Anki mode is like a lengthy “cheat sheet”. When you study the cheat sheet enough, you divide that cheat sheet into pieces and make “flash cards”. I want to know if it’s just me who wants such feature. Thanks.

Browser > preview cards may work for you


Also, using the Massive Cloze template is vert helpful for lengthy notes like yours.