I cant change my email address

Just now I logged into ankiweb, it prompts me to re-verify my email or change the email address, the current email address is no longer in use, but this button “No,my address has changed” is not responding after I click it, what should I do?

The latest Firefox Edge Safari I have tried, the button is not working neither.

Somebody please help me :melting_face:
It’s hard to be on the other side of the earth from US, we get up when you’re ready for bed and no one replies to me now :frowning:

TBH I think most (if not all) of Anki’s dev / contributors / forum regular users do not live in the US. I would say they are mostly located either in Europe or in Asia (and, of course, the main Anki’s dev is in Australia) :stuck_out_tongue:.

If no one is answering, it’s simply because no one has an answer: your issue is an unusual one, so it takes some thinking before coming up with ideas. However, this doesn’t mean you’re alone: most of the issues raised on this forum are solved in a few days.


I’ll get that fixed in the next few days. In the mean time, you can just click on Account at the top of that page to change your email address.