I can't acces my photos on my mac from anki


I have been using anki for several years now, and have never encountered this issue before. When I want to add a picture to either image occlusion cards or just basic cards, I am not allowed to click on the picture from my library? I have added som pictures to better describe what I am talking about - the first pictures shows, that I am not allowed to click on the picture I want to add, an the second picture shows that Anki indeed has acces to these folders (it’s in Danish, sorry about that).

I have updated the app, restarted my computer and now I have run out of ideas.

What can i do to fix this?

Thank you in advantage.
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I see one image file in your example. It is a heic image, a file format Anki doesn’t support as far as I know. Same for pdf files. Try accessing a jpeg of png file in these locations. It will likely work.


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