How to sync card style on AnkiMobile

To modify the Card style on AnkiMobile I tried following workflow :

  1. On AnkiDesktop:
  • Modify the card style
  •  Test if OK --> YES
  •  Press [Sync] button from the top menu
  1. On AnkiWeb
  •  Test if OK --> YES
  1. On AnkiMobile
  • Press [Sync] button
  • Test if OK → NO (old style)

My Workaround:
Export (with schedule info) concerned Desk on AnkiDesktop, then delete the Desk, sync the removal over the devices and finally reload the Desk on AnkiDesktop sync the append.

What do I wrong?

If you repeat the steps, does it happen again? The steps you described should work, provided the clients are all in sync before you make the change on desktop.

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