How to specify font size on iOS?

I’ve made myself some custom CSS on Anki Desktop, which has (among others):

body {
  font-size: 2vw;

and on desktop it works very well, but it’s way too small on mobile.
I tried making additional block with

.mobile {
  font-size: 8vw; (or 400% or anything to show if it even works)

as well as with .mobile.card {} or {} selector but none of those seem to have any effect.

Does anybody have an idea which selector I should use here?

You may want to try min(). There’s also the @media selection if you want to change styles entirely

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Thank you, I used the @media and it works. However, I also had a special style for .tags and tried to change it too and it doesn’t work.
I checked whether the selector itself works - by changing the background color - and it does. But the font size, which I tried changing from 1.5vw to 5vw, doesn’t change at all. I have no clue what can be at fault here.

.mobile is on the html element, so to modify body, you’d use ‘.mobile body { … }’