Font-size increases exponentially on iPad

could it be that using font-size: caIc(3em + 1vmin) is not a good idea for the app?
font-size: calc(3em + 1vmin);
I use em + 1vmin because I switch between a notebook and a high resolution tablet.
Otherwise the font would be too small on the tablet.

But then I wanted to use my ipad mini 2.
And then this happened after a few clicks:

It started out fine and then with every new card the font got exponentially bigger.
I assume the app remembers the font-size of the last card and re-calculates it.

In order to implement text scaling in recent iOS versions, AnkiMobile needs to rewrite font-size references in templates, and I’m guessing that’s interacting badly with calc(). You’ll probably have more luck using platform-specific CSS to specify a suitable font size on the iPad.

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Thank you.
I changed all calc() to an absolute like px.
The problem for the fonts are solved but other elements increase exponentially even though they don’t have em.

I think I found it after deleting almost the entire css on the ipad.

The code includes .win .card

AnkiMobile seems to ignore “.win” and claims the code for itself.

nope wasn’t .win. card.

but something else:
this code under .card caused the exponential growth:

transition: all .2s ease-in;