How to remove invalid/dead links (to media etc) from fields

Anki is capable of removing unused media,

but how to remove unused (invalid) links?

There was an addon for Anki 2.0 Remove Missing Audio References - AnkiWeb

Also, we can use Anki’s Tools>Check Media function to find out which images are missing from collection by looking at the “Used on cards but missing from media folder” section - but there’s no option to remove these dead links.

Plus, back in 2013 there was a discussion Missing media files - remove invalid links / Anki Archive / Discussion Area - AnkiMobile/AnkiWeb Support (

Damien even paid some attention and noted this for possible implementation.

Are there any native ways or addons to delete dead links from Anki’s notes?

(In my case, the following task requires this functionality:
I have a few thousands of mp3’s with Chinese pronunciation with names equal to the words (Hanzi). I want to batch these words to the Audio field, and then delete the ones which doesn’t have their mp3 (the number of words/notes = 100k+, while only about 6k audio files).
The deletion is necessary since I’d like to activate TTS for those words without mp3’s. But if the Audio field has a link (even broken/invalid), then TTS wouldn’t speak)

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I have the same problem here!
I’ve installed Anki 2.0 and the add-on you mentioned but I failed to import my collection exported from Anki 2.1 to 2.0…
And 2.0 cannot open user of 2.1. So basically I can’t do anything about it for now.
Is there a workaround for this?

@dxxxxp Try this Add a tag to notes with missing media - AnkiWeb

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Thanks for your advice.
I’ve tried to edit my decks on Excel a few weeks ago with this add-on:
Using excel to displace the invalid links in bulk is easier for me since I know nothing about coding. I wrote a tutorial in the review column.
Most of cards got fixed perfectly but some of them didn’t ’cause I didn’t take css tags into account.
The add-on you recommended seems to make my workflow easier. The add-on called Anki Excel Sync actually needs you to add tags to the notes you want to amend. I’ll try again.

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