How to Program a key in 8BitDo micro Ultimate Software to Undo Answer Card on Anki for iPad

Hey everyone,

I just got the 8BitDo micro remote and Ultimate Software. I’m trying to figure out which keys in Anki are programmed to undo an answer card on iPad. It doesn’t seem to be ctrl + Z for my iPad, though it is that on my mac desktop. It looks like I can program a key (R on the ultimate software) to do a key combination (Ctrl + Z). The problem is that it isn’t doing anything. It works for all of the other keys I’ve programmed for Anki, so I think it’s an Anki problem. I only want to program one key to undo, not two. Please let me know if you know how to do this. Thank you.

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Ensure the micro is configured as a gamepad and not a keyboard, and then you can configure what each key does in AnkiMobile’s preferences>review>gamepads section. Undo is one of the actions you can assign to a button.

Ok, thank you. What if I want to do it on a MacBook?

I don’t have any experience with using controllers with the computer version, but I believe there are at least two add-ons that provide support for them that you could try.

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@AnKingMed recently prepared a guide for that:

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Fair point. :slightly_smiling_face: I’ll make sure to pay more attention to the category in the future. Thanks for the advice. I’ll check out the link you sent me.

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