How to make the image bigger

Could you help me to make the image bigger plaese.

I can’t say exactly, because you’ve only shown us your Styling (and only part of it). You need to check your templates to see what formatting or formatting class is applied to wherever that image is displayed.

But taking a guess – it seems like that section at the bottom of your screenshot that’s labeled with the comment /* IMAGE STYLE */ seems like a promising place to look. Especially in those parts where it says things like max-width and max-height.

Take a look at the guide on image resizing – Styling & HTML - Anki Manual – and some of the basics about sizing images with CSS – W3Schoools: Responsive Web Design Images .


It may be that the original image file was small - Anki will not increase images above their full size by default, as they’d look blurry.

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