How to make only reproduce sound on demand?

I am working on language learning decks and I would like to store sound files with the correct pronunciation. For certain decks I want the sound to reproduce as soon as I click to see the answer, but for other decks, I would like to reproduce the sound only if I need it.
Let me explain why. I have been learning Italian for a couple of years, so I pretty much know how to pronounce the words. I don’t want to automatically reproduce the sound for my italian decks, but only if I press a button to reproduce them.
On the other hand, I am just starting to learn German, and in this case, my pronunciation is terrible. For my German decks, I would like to reproduce the sound automatically.
How do I do this?
Maybe there is already a shared deck that does this and I could copy how they do it.

Thanks for any help on this!

There is a setting in the deck options that controls whether audio should autoplay, which you can configure differently per deck.

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