How to make cards show more frequently?

So i understand the difference between again, hard, good and easy by pressing one of them it determineds when the card will be shown again. Is there any way keep the periods for cards shorter ? Like first option for good is lets say 10 minuts but if you press good for the same card again it becomes 1d and then 3d etc. I would want to study same cards over and over this day and not have them moved on days from now.

Im looking for an set up so hard cards would show up between 1- 5 minutes and easy ones pop up lets say 10-20 minutes. what changes i need to do to my settings to make this happen.

I would use standard settings for a while (just to get used to the way anki works) and use filtered decks instead:

Having said that, you can also modify your standard deck settings as you wish. Check this:

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