How to install Anki onto other drives than C drive

Can Anki be installed onto other drives than C drive? My C drive is almost full and there’s no space left to install Anki.

You can use a portable version.

Anki’s installer allows you to change the default location:

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Thanks for your prompt reply. I hadn’t thought of installing a portable version. I will give it a try.

Thanks for your quick reply. In fact, I have tried “Browse” and started to install Anki onto Drive D, but, after a few minutes, the installation process stops, showing an error message: “Extract error writing to file openg132sw.dll,”

I have given it a try, but the “portable version” you suggested runs on Android, and what I want is Anki which runs on Windows 10. Or, is there any portable version that runs on Windows 10?

If you just change the location during installation, your collection files will still be stored on the system drive.
Here are instructions to install a portable version of Anki with a customisable collection location: Managing Files - Anki Manual

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Many thanks for referring me to " [Managing Files - Anki Manual]". I didn’t know the existence of the topic in Anki Manual.

I have deleted many apps from Drivve C and made a space of over 900MB, and then retried installing Anki onto Drive D with a lot of available space. And, believe it or not,
the installation was completed without a hitch! Your tip encouraged me to try yet once more and I made it!