How to install 23.12.1 without uninstalling old version (2.1.22)

Hi, the 23.12.1 installer wont let me install it without uninstalling previous versions of anki on my computer.

Is it possible to have 23.12.1 and an older version 2.1.22 both installed on my computer and switch between the two as I have been doing with 2.1.22 and 2.1.49-60? Does 23.12.1 have a “downgrade and quit” option

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Choose another folder and rename the app


What is preventing you from updating? if it is add-ons, you can share here so we can see if it is compatible with newer versions or alternatives

When I choose another folder it says that the installing gives an error saying a previous version of anki needs to be installed first. Please uninstall and then run this installer again.

I know it is possible to have multiple anki after 2.1.6+, but idk for 2.1.22, the docs says this:

If upgrading from Anki 2.1.6+, there is no need to uninstall the previous version first. All you need to do is close Anki if it is open, and then follow the installation steps above. Your cards will be preserved when you upgrade.

If upgrading from an Anki version before 2.1.6, or switching from the standard to the alternate version or vice versa, we recommend uninstalling the old version first, which will remove Anki’s program data, but not delete your card data.

If you wish to downgrade to a previous version, please make sure you downgrade first.
Install & Upgrade - Anki Manual

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